40 days online meditations for prosperity and fortune with Hari Singh Khalsa and Hari Nam Kaur start on April 25, 2019

April the 25th a great online project starts under guidance of Hari Singh Khalsa and Hari Nam Kaur: Kundalini yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan teachers with more than 30 years practice experience.

You will meditate with teachers 40 days in a row. Teachers will hold incredible space of silence so that positive changes happen to all the students for sure.

This time you will practice Subagh Kriya and change any misfortune, even if the misfortune was written by God himself in your life. Your misfortune will be turned into prosperity and fortune!

Meditate every day via live streaming

During 40 days teachers will do live streaming for together online practice with you, that will take 30-40 minutes. Every day you will do together with them the same meditation, which will fit for practitioners all types of yoga and wellness techniques and even for those, who never practiced yoga before.

Join us to meditate together! It will be a very effective and deep process, people all over the world will be involved in it.

Hari Singh Khalsa and Hari Nam Kaur

Kundalini yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan world-class teachers with more than 30 years practice experience. Many years they were learning directly from Yogi Bhajan and Guru Dev Singh, getting priceless experience and knowledge from these Masters.

Hari Singh Khalsa was born in Mexico and learned from shamans. Hari Nam Kaur is an ancestral healer from Australia. Now they live in Netherlands with two children and actively travel around the world teaching in different countries.

Convenient format
There will be private Instagram account. You will have access to it after the payment. Teachers will do live stream to practice together every day at 06:00 am (Moscow time) start on April 25.
Experienced teachers
You will meditate together with world-class teachers, who during 30 years of practice mastered the state of inner silence Shuniya. You will get their experience and support during all 40 days.
Comfortable schedule
You can meditate with teachers online every morning or any other time with recording. Meditation will last 30-40 minutes. Recording of live stream will be available within 24 hours in Instagram.
Precisely chosen meditation
Teachers have high sensitivity and feel the group’s energy by virtue of many years Sat Nam Rasayan practice. They will choose the meditation for practice, which is necessary exactly at this moment.
No restrictions
Everyone can join the practice, regardless of age, skills, physical fitness and yoga style. You will be able to meditate even if you never before did yoga or health techniques.
High motivation
You will have 24 hours to do meditation, after that time recording of live stream will be deleted from account forever. This will help you not to postpone the practice and achieve maximum result.

No other kriya in a relation with changing fortune in life is not as strong as this one!

Participation cost – 80 euro for FULL 40 days. Find out more important information here.